APIs, AI Agents, and the future of go-to-market for software.

Every year, more than $700 billion worth of software, predominantly customized via APIs, is built and sold.

However, the majority of companies in this space lose 50-80% of their prospects in cumbersome, lengthy, and inefficient pre-sales processes. The bar for building on top of these APIs is much higher than out-of-the-box software. Typically, prospects are directed to a documentation website to learn about the product, APIs, and code, and then must build on their own. To win the most promising customers, sales, and solution engineering teams build Proof-of-Concept (PoC) apps to demonstrate the value of their solutions in the context of this particular type of customer, industry, or pain point.

Today, that process is slow, costly, and often still does not lead to a successful sale. Many PoCs cost vary from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per PoC. They take days, weeks or in some cases months to deliver, while still leaving a lot to be desired in terms of relevancy to the prospect in hope of conversion. Prospects want to build on top of your stack, therefore time to value, costs, and customizations matter.

Companies work around this by growing their sales engineering teams, reducing the scope of the PoCs, creating pre-packaged, quasi-relevant demo apps, and leaving the prospects to fend for themselves and self-serve; or even outsourcing the projects to solution partners who will charge by the hour. Either way, the frustrating work of integrating the same APIs over and over again piles up and compounds, and the prospect has to foot the bill.

We’re building Proofs to change that.

Proofs is our wager, our bet to change the go-to-market for software. Our AI Agents enable companies to build PoCs for their prospects, on top of their APIs, in minutes.

Proofs builds full-stack, tested and documented PoCs tailored to the prospect's business (brand, visuals, language, mock data) and needs (preferred tech stack, APIs, configurations, integrations, use cases). The build is ready, the source code committed, and the project deployed in minutes for a fraction of the cost. AI-driven customizations ensure relevance, increasing the likelihood of converting prospects to customers.

Because of inefficiencies and high costs, PoCs are only built for a fraction (1%) of prospects. We want to change that by enabling a direct-to-prospect way for our customers to help everyone onboard and build products on top of their products and APIs, so that they can build for 100% of prospects.

We believe that in the future when you want to buy customized software solutions based on code and APIs, you will ask an AI Agent to build it for you. It will be built in minutes. Proofs will be the backbone of that process for companies building and selling software.

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